Aeroplan Travel Program


In 2016/17 Aeroplan, the Air Canada loyalty program, started Travel Rewards Program, the complete redesign of the Aeroplan Non-Air Travel Products Web App.
I handled UX strategy and execution, collaborating closely with other members of the multi-disciplinary agile team, including business, engineering, QA, content, marketing, research and data specialists. I worked on different sides of the UX, including ideation, information architecture, personas creation, participation in user testing, sketching and prototyping.
Launched in 2018, the new platform redefined the booking process, decreased the time on task for users, increased conversion rate by 20%.
After the launch, I took part in the platform enhancement phase as part of the discovery team, comprising Product Owner, IT lead and UX designer. This team defined the product roadmap, set the priorities and feasibility, defined the backlog content and worked on UX deliverables.


Travel Search Widget The gates to travel search and reservation, the travel search widget is a complex search tool which includes interfaces for different travel products, predictive location search, sophisticated calendar. Usability, accessibility, interactions – some of many factors to be considered.

Hotels Search Results Redesigned hotel search offers users various tools to find the hotels they are looking for. As a loyalty program, Aeroplan proposes different ways of payments as well as possibility to earn miles for those who pay in dollars. The site was created using responsive approach, where the elements of the layout adjust to the size of the device used.

Cart: Aeroplan uses the approach of “one-stop shop”, introducing the shopping cart for travel products. This approach creates additional challenges for check-out process and the following “post-booking” flows and brings UX designers to pay particular attention to forms design and usability.