eCom upgrade tool


Lightspeed has two versions of eCom and wants to offer its customers a tool to upgrade from older to the newest version (E-Series). Three teams worked in close cooperation to fulfil this ambitious project. The goal of our team (product manager, product designer, tech lead and 4 developers) was to create upgrade roadmap, design and develop an upgrade tool and ensure data transfer. I was primarily responsible for solution exploration and design, including user journey maps and detailed flows, wireframes and initial mock-ups for the tool.


eCom is an essential part of our users’ businesses. The main challenge was to create a safe, simple and comprehensive upgrade tool, to facilitate the transition and speed up user mastery of a new platform. 


I created a detailed map of the eCom information; it gave the team a clear understanding of the scale of data transfer, allowed to group the eCom data and evaluate their importance for the upgrade.
To get more insights about solution, I organised and facilitated a conversational-led design ideation session. This ideation technique can be an effective route to a natural user experience and is a great base for information architecture and user journey mapping. The session gave us a good understanding of the main upgrade steps for our users and served as a base to tailor the design of the tool.
After analyzing the results of the ideation session, the team could define the type of upgrade we are going to design and I was ready to build the user journey. Given the importance of the eCom upgrade for our users, two steps are crucial for the users:
1. initial period – incentivizing the upgrade, explaining its benefits and allowing users to get all information about what the upgrade implies and how it happens.
2. trial period – users can see how data transfer works, learn, update and customise their site-to-be.


I started with creating wireframes to reflect user flows and came up with two main parts of design – home page and 4-step upgrade wizard.
According to Nielsen Norman Group author Raluca Budiu “A wizard is a step-by-step process that allows users to input information in a prescribed order and in which subsequent steps may depend on information entered in previous ones.” This solution was solving the design challenge of the upgrade tool.


This project showed the importance of a user-centric approach to ensure consistent and comprehensive user experience. This approach becomes even more important for complex features, fostering the collaboration within and between the teams. We held multiple ideation sessions within our team, design reviews, dev team collaborations, which were key to the success of the whole initiative.

Due to company policies and confidentiality agreements, I do not share all visual materials for this project. If you want to know more about the problem discovery approaches or solution design methods and tools, please explore other projects or reach out to me directly.